Confidence Spread

How do they feel about you? Will the go out for coffee with you? Is your boss considering giving you a raise? These are all questions that most people are just dying to know, but are far too scared to ask! With a boost of confidence, you'll be able to get the job done! I …

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Anxiety Spread

I feel it's very important to keep our stress and anxiety to an all time minimum during this current pandemic panic. Triggering that flight or fight response in us will cause us to make poor decisions and hurt ourselves and our loved ones in the confusion. Let's work on that!

Manifestation Monday March 2nd, 2020

Good afternoon! It's certainly been a while since I've written here! I've decided to start posting my Manifestation Monday Pick-a-Card Readings here on the blog for easy accessibility across all platforms. Please enjoy! Take three deep breaths, close your eyes, and ask your guides:"How can I take the next step forward on my manifestation journey?" …

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Daily Forecast for September 4th, 2019 – Power and Adventure

Good morning! Today may feel laden with heavy energy as we work through the deep water sign, Scorpio. Productivity will be turned towards our emotional evolution and working through trauma as opposed to starting something new today as we move into a Void of Course Moon. Moon in Scorpio 20° sextile Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn …

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Daily Forecast for September 3rd, 2019 – Flaws

Happy September! This Virgo season has us all organizing and reorganizing our work loads and it's been an absolutely wild ride so far! Venus and Mercury are making waves today, so let's see how they're doing! Venus in Virgo 16° sextile North Node in Cancer 16° - 4:13 am EDT Our desire for organization and …

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